Monday, 19 November 2018

What is Termux ? Termux Command

***********What Is Termux**********
In this post we are going to learn What is Termux and It's Basic Commands.
Termux is an android terminal application and linux environment that can run without the need for root at all .. 

Termux combines powerful terminal emulation with an extensive Linux package collection.
• Enjoy the bash and zsh shells.
• Edit files with nano and vim.
• Access servers over ssh.
• Develop in C with clang, make and gdb.
• Use the python console as a pocket calculator.
• Check out projects with git and subversion.
• Run text-based games with frotz.
At first start a small base system is downloaded - desired packages can then be installed using the apt package manager. Access the built-in help by long-pressing anywhere on the terminal and selecting the Help menu option to learn more.

You can download it in the play store or click  HERE
* Basic commands thermux * 
1. apt install 
Is a command to install or install a software package. 
$ apt install python 
2. apt list 
Is a command to see a list of installed software packages. 
3. apt update 
Is a command to update the package that has been installed. 

4. apt upgrade 
Is the command to upgrade the existing package to the latest version. 
5. cd 
Is a command to access a directory
Is a command to change file or directory access permissions. 
$ chmod 777 
7. clear 
Is a command to clear the screen on the terminal. 
8. cp -f 
Is the command to copy files. 
$ cp -f filename.php filename 
9. cp -rf 
Is a command to copy folders. 
$ cp -rf folder1 folder2 
10. exit 
Is the command to exit the shell. 
11. ls 
Is a command to display a list of directories. 
12. mkdir 
Is a command to create a new folder. 
$ mkdir newfolder 
13. mv 
Is a command to move and rename files / folders. 
Moving files / folders
$ mv namafile.php nnamafolder 
Renaming a file / folder
$ mv filelama.php filebaru.php 

14. rm -f 
is a command to delete the file. 
$ rm -f filename.php 
15. rm -rf 
Is the command to delete a folder. 
$ rm -rf filer 
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Monday, 5 November 2018

Create +60 Whatsapp Account | Whatsapp Pe +60 Number Se Whatsapp Banaye

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Aaj aapko main Btaunga kaise aap whatsapp pe +60 number se account bana sakte hai. +60 ya Malaysia ke Number se whatsapp banana chahte hai to Es Post Ko Dhyaan se padhiyega.

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Step 5 : Ab Aap Yaha Country Aur Apna Number Daale

Step 6 : Apke Diye huye number pe code jayega wo daalte hi aapka account ban jayega.

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Sunday, 4 November 2018

Song Name Id Trick | Song Name ID Kaise Banaye

How to make a song name or Long name ID on Facebook.

Method 1 (For Mobile phone users):

Step 1: First of all install Google Japanese keyboard from Play store.After installing the Japanese keyboard you need to set it in your device.

Step 2: Install Hola VPN from Play Store.

Step 3: Open Hola vpn, click on Facebook icon, set Japan as proxy and open the Facebook.

Step 4: Go to account settings > General > edit name and clear your first and last name.

Step 5: Write song name without giving any space, copy and paste Japanese symbol (γ€…) at start and end of song name.Then change your keyboard to Japanese Keyboard and give space among all the words.Follow screenshots.

Step 6:  Click Review Change, write your password and then click on save changes.

Step 7 : That's it, Enjoy.

Method 2 (For  PC users):

Step 1 : Open your Firefox browser.

Step 2 : Go to advance > network > settings and set  " "as proxy and "8080" as port.

Step 3 : Now visit and login to your Facebook account.

Step 4 :  Go to settings > General > Name and click on edit.

Step 5 : Clear first and last name,Write song name using Japanese symbol (γ€…) at start and end of name.Please don't use normal space in between words you must use Japanese  space ( ) otherwise your name will not be accepted by Facebook.

Step 6 : Retype your password and click review change.

Step 7 : That's it.  

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Create Stylish Name Id | Stylish Name ID Kaise Banaye ~ Stylish Name Id Trick

How to make Stylish name ID on Facebook 2018

Method 1 (For Mobile users):-
1) : open your web browser, go to and make your stylish name with messletters.

2) : Copy the name that you want as your Facebook account name.

3) : Install Hola VPN from play store.

4) : After installing Hola, Open it,click on Facebook icon, select proxy country Spain and then open Facebook.

5) : Go to your account settings > General > edit name, remove your current name  and paste your new stylish name that you made by using messletters.

6) : click on review change, retype your password and click OK

7) : That's it.Enjoy

Ye Bhi Padhe : Create Flower Name Id | Flower Name Id Kaise Banaye

Method 2 (For PC users):-

1) : Open firefox browser, visit, create your stylish name and copy it.

2) : Now you need to set a proxy, go to settings > advanced > general and set " "as proxy and " 8080 "as port.then click ok to save changes.

3) : visit, go to settings, clear your current name and paste new stylish name.

Ye Bhi Padhe : Create Alphabet Name Id | English Alphabet ID Kaise Banaye

4) : Click review changes, retype your password and click confirm.

5) : Go to your browser network settings reset proxy settings.

6) : That's it. Enjoy

How to make Stylish name ID on Facebook 2018

Create Alphabet Name Id | English Alphabet ID Kaise Banaye

Aj Main Apko Ak New Trick Sikun Ga.

Jis Main Ap English Alphabet Ki Id Bna Skty Hain..

To Chalty Hain Trick Ki Janib...

1...Apny Touch Vpn Main Indonesia Proxy Connect Krni hain...

2...Then Name Change Kr ly Ya New Id Jesy Apny Krna hai Kr ly....


Dl A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z - ii

Ye Name hai Isy Copy Kr kai paste Kr dy Ap Jb Indonesia Proxy Connect Kro Gy Just 1st Name Ayega to Isko Paste kr Pass Dal k Ok Kr dy Agr new id bna rhy ho to Email Date of birth Sb dal k go kr dy ....

Lo g Apki New English Name Id Ban Gye....

Create Flower Name Id | Flower Name Id Kaise Banaye

STEP1) Sabse pahle aap Google Platstore se Fly Vpn Apps download kijye

STEP2) Ab aap Fly vpn open lijiye aur japan 10 sy connect kijye

STEP3) Ab aap uc browser me fb id login kijiye aur Genaral Setting me jayiye

STEP4) Ab aap Edit Name par click kijiye

Step5) space ghosy japan symbol hy

symbol (ツ)
magic  flower (α•―꧁α•―꧁)
1st name (ツᕯ꧁α•―꧁)
last name (HAPPY NEW YEARα•―꧂α•―꧂ツ)
last year (α•―꧂α•―꧂ツ)

1st name and Last Name Paste kar dijiye fir Save Change kar dijiye.

Thank You!!!

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Invite All Friend In Page At Once | Ek Click Me Saare Friends Invite Kare Page Pe

Hello Dosto, Aaj ki es post me main aapko Btaunga Kaise aap 1 Click me apne saare friends ko invite kar skte hai apne page ko like karne ke liye. Dhyaan se saare steps follow kariyega. Agar Aapke friends list me 5000 Friends hai t es trick ki help se aapke page pe 1 click me 5000 Likes aa jayenge.

Es Trick ko karne ke liye aapko in 3 Cheezo ki Jarurat paregi :

Internet Connection
Google Chrome
Invite All Extension : Click Here To Download

Step 1 : Sabse Phle Aap Par Jaye

Step 2 : Ab Apna Account Login Kijiye

Step 3 : Ab Us Page me jaye jis page pe aapko invite karna hai all Friends ko

Step 4 : Invite Friends par click kare.

Step 5 : Ab Aapko Black and white color ka tick ka nishan show hoga us par ek click kare

Tick pe click karte hi aapke friends invite hone lagenge.
Es Trick ko padhne Ke Liye Dhayanwab. Agar Koi Problem aati hai to niche comment jarur kare.

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